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Dakshin Dinajpur Bedia Kalyan Samity a NGO. Work on scheduled tribe culture. Address:- At –Buniadpur, Dist-Dakshin Dinajpur, Stat -West Bengal, India . Regd. No-S/IL/7510

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Bedia: A community of Bihar, they believe that they originally lived on Mohdipahar and have descended from the union of Vedbansi prince with a Munda girl. The other view is that a section of the Kurmis were outcasts and to be known as the Bedia or Wandering Kurmis. Some of them rejoined the Kurmi fold by hosting a fest. The poor could not pay their way back and in course of time emerged as a separate community. They use Mahto as their title. They are non vegetarians and their diet consists of cereals of cereals like rice,maize,mandua,gondli and wheat,and pulses like urad, ghanghra, kurthi and arhar.They use sarguja, keongi and mustard oil for cooking. They drink mahua liquor and rice beer. Men chew tobacco and women smoke a hookah.

According to Risley, the Bedia are divided into septs. However, the present survey identified some exogamous clans, namely Phecha, Kachhua, Mahua,Bambi,Suiya,ect.The marriage age for boys and girls is sixteen to seventeen years and fourteen to fifteen years,respectively A marriage is arranged thorough monogamy is prevalent. Married women put a vermillion mark and wear an iron bangle as marriage symbols .The payment of bride price is obligatory.They follow the rule of patrilocal residence. Either spouse can seek divorce with social approval on grounds of adultery, barrenness, maladjustment, cruelty and laziness. Remarriage of widows and divorcces is permitted and a widow can marry her late husband’s brother.The Bedia live both in nuclear and extended families.Sons inherit parental property in equal measure while the eldest son succeeds to his father’s authority. A woman contributed to the family income and is tonsured. The firsrt cereal feeding ceremony is optional. The marriage rites are performed at the bridegroom’s house. The dead are buried. The death rites observed are telnahan and daskarma.

The Bedia are the followers of the traditional tribal religion. Their family and clan deities are Mai, Mudkati Kundri Bansa Darha, etc. The village deities worshipped by them are Jher-buri Gawandeti Mahadania, Durga and the regional deities are Palcharu and Badpahari. They visit the annual fairs at Rajarappa, Hundru and Jonha falls and Jaganathpur.The Bedia celebrate festivals like Phagun,Sarhul, Karma,Jitia and Sohrai.

The Bedia who have settled down in West Bengal, are also known as the Bedia Kudmi,Choto Kudmi or San Kurmi. They speak in Kudmali, an Indo-Ayan language, at home and Bengali for inter-group communication. The Bengali and Devanagari scripts are used.

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Dakshin Dinajpur Bedia Kalyan Samity a NGO. Work on scheduled tribe culture. Address:- At –Buniadpur, Dist-Dakshin Dinajpur, Stat -West Bengal, India . Regd. No-S/IL/7510

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